LCHF Mega Summit attendance hits 2,000

LCHF Mega conference

Over the weekend, a large low-carb conference broke attendance records in Kozhikode, a city on the west coast of India.

Over 2,000 folks listened to expert presentations about the evidence behind a low-carb diet and a metabolic approach to chronic disease. There was also a presentation about the Paleo diet.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra headlined the conference, and was awarded a lifetime achievement award for his work in the field. Here’s a picture from Dr. Malhotra’s Facebook post about the summit, taken from the stage:


Congratulations to the organizers and speakers who created such a successful event. With diabetes rates on the rise in India, spreading the word about the power of low carb to address metabolic disorders like type 2 diabetes is fitting and timely.


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